Dec 24

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

written by nikki phelan

Dec 02

Matthias Rath’s top grand prix horse Totilas suffered a minor injury to his foreleg while training on Wednesday (30 November).

But a prompt veterinary investigation has shown that there is no serious injury and no strain to the suspensory ligament.

Matthias said: “We need to see over the coming days how the healing process develops.”

The pair is expected to compete at the 2011 CDI-W Frankfurt later this month.

“I hope I can still start in Frankfurt. I’m very connected to the tournament and I have been looking forward to going into the arena with [Totilas] for weeks,” said Matthias.

On Monday night Totilas had appeared in a live performance on the German TV channel Hessian Broadcasting.

written by nikki phelan