Apr 13

Charlotte Fry

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Charlotte Fry wins national dressage championship PSG title

Rising star of British dressage, Charlotte Fry, takes the NAF Magic prix st georges winter dressage championship at Hartpury College, Glos

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Dec 04

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Oct 23

Denman recovering from a “life threatening infection”

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The 13-year-old retired in 2011 due to a tendon injury and spent last season being introduced to hunting and team chasing by Charlotte.
But after contracting a potentially fatal bone, and then blood, infection, Paul said Denman’s situation had been “touch and go” for a while.

“As you can imagine it has been a real worry. It was an extremely unique case and it is entirely due to Ian Wright and his team of Newmarket Equine Hospital that Denman is on the road to recovery,”

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Aug 15

50 neglected horses moved from Olympic dressage horse owner’s stud

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Olympic dressage horse owner John Byrialsen has been accused of neglect after raids on 2 of his properties in Poland and Denmark.

A video on YouTube, sent anonymously to leading dressage websites, shows a series of neglected horses — some of which are too weak to stand — on the farm that Byrialsen reportedly rents in Posadowo, Poland.

Byrialsen is a part-owner of Calecto V (pictured) — a stallion that was competed by Tina Konyot at both the 2010 World Equestrian Games and the 2012 Olympics for the United States. Calecto V is still competed by Tina internationally.

He also owns Calecto V’s sire Comeback II.

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Jun 23

Mary King is recovering in the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital after suffering a heavy fall from King Temptress at Salperton Horse Trials.

Mary was knocked unconcious,although she had come round before she was transferred to hospital with a suspected broken nose and wrist.

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May 14

The Duke of Edinburgh’s carriage was clipped by a pair of runaway Fresian carriage horses at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.
The prince was not hurt, but just a little shaken up!!

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Apr 05

It’s the Aintree Grand National tomorrow (Sat 6th April).
Lets hope with the new designed course, and fewer entries, brings home all horses and riders safely.

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Mar 01

Kauto Star, one of the worlds most famous racehorses, has been retired. He is now with Laura Collett where he is undertaking a new discipline “Dressage”.
Although proving talented in this field too, he is unlikely to make the 2016 Olympics. He is a 12 year old now, and it takes four years to produce a horse to Dressage Olympic standards,which would bring him close to his retirement age.
We all wish Kauto Star every success.

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Feb 12

Stupid thing

Tim said that he was working on the flat in his indoor school in Northamptonshire, and about to execute a flying change when the six-year-old he was riding stopped dead and span around.

“I was one of those stupid things,” Tim said. “I went straight over the handle bars and trapped my elbow underneath my ribs. I haven’t been to the hospital but I spoke to my physio who thinks I’ve probably cracked a rib or two because of the amount of pain I’m in.”

In true Tim style, the determined showjumper got back on board and rode two more after his fall – even jumping the horse that he parted company from.

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Jan 10

Olympic showjumper Wonderboy III (pictured right with Ben Maher) has died suddenly while being ridden at home in Surrey.

Less than four months after the 14-year-old grey gelding’s former rider and producer Georgie Crumley bought back “Basil”, he collapsed on the gallops with Georgie in the saddle on Monday (7 January).
“No words can describe how much he meant to me or how much I miss him,” said Georgie. “Everyone who was ever lucky enough to meet him will understand what an amazing special horse he was.

“The pain I am feeling now is unbearable, but I also feel truly blessed to have had such an amazing horse in my life — thank you to all the people that have made that possible — he was my horse of a lifetime and I loved every second I spent with him

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